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Our freshest offering in banger design makes use of multi-marble function to provide unparalleled vaporization. Combining the enhanced agitation of heat and control of airflow, this quartz terp slurp set will ensure a luxurious, evenly-heated vaporization during your sesh!

Quartz Terp Slurp Vacuum Banger w/Laser-Etched Logo
Small Colored Quartz Terp Pill
Medium Colored Quartz Terp Pearl
Large Colored Quartz Terp Pearl
14mm 90° 

To use the terp slurper set properly, start by inserting the pill into the middle of the unheated slurper bucket, followed by the small marble. Evenly heat your entire nail with your preferred butane torch lighter, making sure not to keep the torch in one area for too long. After the slurper has been sufficiently heated, give your nail about 65-75 seconds to cool. Finally, carefully place the larger marble onto the flat top of the bucket to act as a carb cap, dunk your concentrate into the lower dish, and inhale!

Product Functionality

Simply Easy Learning The backside of our pieces only receive our “Colorado Certified” logo after they have passed a thorough final quality inspection at our facility in Denver, Colorado.

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All of our products are made using first-quality borosilicate glass ranging from 5mm to 7mm thickness, with color rods, tubing, opals and dichro made in the USA. We source all of our raw materials from highly reputable names in the American glass industry, including Northstar Glass, Greasy Glass, Hand of Man Tubing, Trautman Art Glass, ABR Imagery and Molten Aura Labs.

All shipments will be made through UPS. All risk of loss and damage in transit shall be the responsibility of the customer.

Most orders will be shipped out on the same day if placed before 3:00 p.m. MST on a business day.

Shipping fees varies depending on the weight of the order and shipping address. We do not offer free shipping on any weight, size, or destination.

PipedUp CO does not guarantee the delivery time, but most goods will arrive to its destination within 1-5 business day unless interruptions occur.

If the box looks suspicious or has been opened, DO NOT ACCEPT PACKAGE!!!

If order is missing item(s), please contact us right away at 303.718.8128.

All items are final and no returns will be accepted. 

If you received an incorrect product or your product came broken, please email us at, or call us at 720.573.6933 to have us resolve the issue for you! Be very careful when handling broken glass! Refer to our conditions of Use for more extensive details about returns and replacements.

We recommend first rinsing the piece with hot water. After giving it a rinse and wiping away debris in places you can reach, dump the water out. Afterwards, a mixture of fine iodine salt and isopropyl alcohol (over 90%) vigorously shaken throughout the piece is the most effective option to clean away stubborn residue. You may have to do this a couple of times depending on frequency of usage with your piece.

Use caution when handling hot water! Never fill a cold piece of glass with very hot water until it has had a chance to adjust to room temperature.

Fill piece with water just over the top of the perc so all its openings are submerged. 
More water may be needed depending on preference! 
Add water through the slide joint. Submerge the bottom perc all the way, with an extra 1/2″ of water added for optimal chug. 
Add water through the top of the piece. Make sure the upper is filled to just barely cover the openings! 
Adjust levels to your preference! 

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