3d logo perc silver gold fumed perc water pipe pipedup co

3D Logo Perc

The GL303 spirit is noticeable with this piece’s 3D Logo perc


Pipes, straws, and more

New Arrivals

Check out our new water pipes, silver fumed beaker, hand pipes, banger design, and more
strbell banner

Bell Monster

Available in 10 colors each include with silver fumed percolator.

Lace Lord Beaker

Infused Gold/Silver Fumed Lace Stem Perc

straight inline lace perc lacesaber pipedup co


Two-Perc in One Piece: Lace Inline & GL Tree
double wig wag perc dome bong pipedup co

Double Wig Wag Circ

Two Different Wig Wag Circ Percs

Cam's Circ

Gold & Silver Fumed Circ Perc

Lace Dagger

CFL/UV Colored Inline Lace Perc on the Next Level

Coil Perc bent neck color glass pipedup co

Coil Perc Bent Neck

Fly high in the coil perc

RETI Monster Scope

Reti Perc & Colored Lace Downstem
mini lace perc beaker bong pipedup co

Mini Lace Beaker

The Crystal Infused Lace Perc

Lace Dagger

The straight tube with a Colored Inline Lace Perc